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Green Roofs

Green Roofs' layers

We put the ‘roof’ in waterproof.

The WetSuit® membrane has been used in fountains, planters, ponds and other applications where contact with water is expected. As well as WetSuit®’s performance in submerged and wet conditions, it also has many unique features, making it the best choice for garden roof applications:

A Green Membrane for a Green Roof

  • No VOC, all water based
  • Cold spray applied, eliminates the dangers of hot applied systems
  • Totally monolithic, no seams to fail
  • Fully adhered to substrate: restricts lateral movement of water if damaged
  • No generated waste / custom 
  • Only installed by trained and certified applicators


Because garden roof design is virtually limitless, each project will be unique and designed to meet specific objectives. The WetSuit® membrane can be installed to any mil thickness in one coat, either horizontally or vertically, allowing freedom of design for the roof deck. Neptune Coating’s experienced staff and GRP’s work closely with your team, from early design, to detail and specification development, to make sure these specific objectives are met.

Rapid Retrofits

WetSuit® is an ideal system for green roof retrofits, where existing roofs can simply be cleaned and rapidly sealed with the WetSuit® membrane. Often, existing roofs are on the verge of being too old to place a garden roof over. The lightweight WetSuit® membrane can build upon the base of the existing roof, creating a multi layer, monolithic system, without the need of costly tear offs, while delivering up to 20 year warranties.

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