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The characteristics of the Wetsuit® family of products allows to use these products for applications outside of the waterproofing range. Their unique ability and performances allows to apply Wetsuit® to solve issues where the alternative solutions are much more cumbersome and complicated to apply. Wetsuit® has demonstrated high performances in ballistic application, tear resistance, elongation, that demonstrate its capability to be used in critical projects.

Blast mitigation

Blast Mitigation

Blast mitigation is an obligation for sites and companies dealing with potentially explosive atmosphere like silos and several chemical specialties. The solutions are often incorporating the reinforcement of structures in order to resist to an explosion, making those structures very expensive and not often successful in case of accident arising.

Wetsuit opens the possibilities of another route by allowing to help much lighter structure support the consequences of an explosion.

The elongation and tensile strength of the Wetsuit® allows to use it for Blast mitigation application. By applying this product on a wall or on a roof, you can ensure that this structure will better retain its integrity in case of an explosion or an earthquake.

The Wetsuit® will not only maintain the structure together, avoiding the projection of pieces around that could hurt people, but will also help contain the force of the blast inside a delineated perimeter to avoid further damages to the structure.

The ballistics characteristics of Wetsuit® will also allow to absorb the energy of any part projected by the blast and diminishing or even preventing depending of its mass and energy to go through the protected area.

This application is particularly efficient for power plants using gas turbines, roofs of silos etc.

Those projects are managed on case by case. Contact Neptune Coatings at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information or for a consultation.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos encapsulation

Asbestos still represents a major threat for the public health. Despite all the works of asbestos removal, asbestos is still present in lots of workplaces and storages as roof cover or insulation of pipes. As this asbestos has to remain untouched and undisturbed, these are often installations that are no more maintained and are degrading quickly. The degradation may create an additional threat to pubic health as the exposure of those roofs and insulation to the elements may be sufficient to release fibers in the atmosphere. Furthermore, most of the companies having asbestos in their premises cannot afford the expenses of its removal for many reasons, the main ones being that the cost of removal is far exceeding their capacity of financing and asbestos removal projects are not financeable by bank loans and this removal require the suspension of the activities of the site. This suspension in most of the case will be meaning the death of the company.

Asbestos encapsulation is the solution to this problem. The encapsulation doesn’t require any removal, transport, passivation and disposal of asbestos with all the cost associated. This technic consists in encapsulating the asbestos with a protective layer that will isolate it from the elements and any accidental perturbation, thus preventing any risk of release of fiber in the atmosphere. The protective layer must have good characteristics of water tightness and resistance, good adhesion to the asbestos and resistance to puncture. Furthermore, this product must be applied with the minimum mechanical impact on the asbestos to avoid any release of fiber during installation as most of the asbestos roof or insulation are in a state of advance fragility.

The Wetsuit® products are fully performing according to the needed characteristics to be an ideal asbestos encapsulating layer. Its durability for more than 20 years, its superior adhesion to most of the substrates, its high resistance to puncture, its elongation and crack bridging ability and its resistance to tearing makes this product an ideal candidate to Asbestos encapsulation nearly all the conditions that could be met onsite.

The performances of Wetsuit® make it an ideal candidate for asbestos encapsulation. Its speed of application and reliability allow for cheaper asbestos protection projects and will bring asbestos solution at the reach of small and medium enterprise as well as administrations.

Metallic Roofs & Corrosion Protection

Metallic Roofs

By its performance as a full Air & Vapor barrier (Class 1 Impermeable), its high impact resistance and its extraordinary adhesion to metallic structures, Wetsuit® is the perfect solution for waterproofing all metallic surfaces and protecting from impact & rust. It is also an ideal solution also for "cut edge corrosion" which causes structural weaknesses. Finally, is an "Anticorrosion" durable membrane for steel, pipes and many other metallic structures…

Corrosion Protection
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